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Fashion & Personalized Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

LILY & LAURA® Bracelets

Handmade LILY and LAURA® glass beaded bracelets roll over any hand. Laura and women artisans in Nepal custom design these creations which are handcrafted in the Kathmandu Valley. They use the finest glass beads in the world from Matsuno Glass Bead Company in Japan. At LILY and LAURA, their business focus is to pay more than fair wages to artisans in Nepal, thereby improving the quality of their lives while providing you with beautiful, top quality, handcrafted glass beaded bracelets.

MantraBand Bracelets
From California with love.

MantraBand Bracelets is on a mission to inspire and empower with positive messages. Positive thinking leads to a positive and happy life. That’s what they want for themselves and everyone else on this planet. They do this by promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. MantraBand bracelets are made to inspire. They are the reminders to choose happiness, to live what you love and to be present in every moment. Wear your MantraBand bracelets every day as your daily reminder, affirmation and inspiration.

MatraBand Bracelets is a proud member of 1% For The Planet and donate at least 1% of annual sales to non-profit organizations to protect, preserve, and restore the natural environment.

Personalized Jewelry

Waxing Poetic’s Custom Collection


Waxing Poetic believes in commemorating everything. Birthdays. New Arrivals. Secrets. Great Moments. The Custom Collection is another keepsake option, ready and waiting for your own inscriptions, monograms and messages; each piece cast and etched by hand in beautiful Bali.

Waxing Poetic invites you to dream up lovely, timeless, heartfelt jewelry items and they will craft them, with love. Exquisite, memorable pieces, yours to create, give and cherish for years to come. Start your own wearable history with just 14 days for production and 1 week for ground shipping.

Let a HangUps in-store sales representative provide you with one-on-one assistance in creating heartfelt jewelry pieces tailor-made to your unique stories.

Product photographs included in this web site are representative of various lines and items offered by this manufacturer. Specific pieces are not necessarily available in store at this time.