What in the world is an extra small? An extra small? Are you kidding me? If you sewed two legs and arms together I wouldn’t be able to wear an extra small!

I’m not sure when I became an extra-large. I am sure it was gradual or I would have noticed. I wish I was the size I was twenty years ago when I thought I was a tad plump. I’m not even curvaceous. Just plump. I’d even settle for big boned. I’m not. I’m just plump. I had hip bones at one time in my life. In fact they stuck out too far because I was so thin. I’m pretty sure they’re still there somewhere….

I confess, I like to eat. I like to cook, too, which is dangerous. I like to cook what I eat and I like to eat what I cook! I don’t bake much because that would be way too dangerous. I’m not a “two cookie” kind of girl. Besides, I can’t keep chocolate chips in the house. They call my name when I walk in the kitchen.

Our manager is an extra small. (It’s disgusting!) She deserves it though. All she eats are veggies and salads. Most of the time she fixes a big ol’ plate of raw veggies for lunch. And guess what her favorite drink is? She loves Bloody Marys. Yep, veggies with a “kick”! She brings cookies to work sometimes. And what does she do with them? She gives them to me! She says, “Here, these are Pepperidge Farm cookies. Eat as many as you’d like.” I think to myself, “Honey, this little baggie of cookies ain’t going to cut it!”

So, given that information, you might be wondering how I dress and what I wear. I learned from a dear friend years ago that you should dress nicely no matter what size you are. She always looks fabulous. She also told me to wear pretty undergarments, too, because if you feel pretty on the inside you’ll feel pretty on the outside. (I’m just glad I have a few good bras!) I try to wear pretty, flattering clothes in public. At home it’s all about comfort. Basically I’m on point or I look like a homeless woman. There’s no in-between. I love lacey, vintage looking clothes. (I was obviously born in the wrong era.) HangUps carries a line called POL. They are flirty and super feminine with a flare. They run large so the large fits like an extra large. I receive compliments every time I wear that line. And the style hides my pumpkin roll. (See my previous blog regarding my pumpkin roll)

I am so excited to announce that HangUps now carries clothing for curvy women including sizes XL to 3X. You asked and we listened. I pleaded and begged for approval to carry curvy fit clothes. I researched other boutiques, got customer’s feedback and called a meeting. I bought Starbucks to tip the scales, so to speak. (I had to take a deep breath and tell management the former line we carried was darn ugly!) It worked!

I’ve had a lot of positive comments from customers. I’m learning what our customers want, like and dislike. So come in a see the flattering, fun, cute clothing in larger sizes. Please do tell me what you think! Watch for them on Facebook, too! If you mention this post you’ll receive 20% OFF ONE CURVY FIT ITEM OF CLOTHING.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs for other special offers.

Live life extra large!

*One time offer per person; cannot be combined with other offers.

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