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Make an ordinary outfit extraordinary with the right accessories! HangUps gives you so many ways to add style to your look.

Handbags Galore

HangUps offers handbag styles, sizes and colors to suit your entire wardrobe and every occasion. Some are perfect for carrying essentials while keeping your look classic, others will make you shine with their sleek metallic finish. And be sure to see our assortment of shoulder bags, totes, satchels, crossover bags, messengers, clutches and wristlets crafted from fabric, leather and quality leather-like materials and available in a variety of rich, vibrant colors. Many styles feature convenient zipped pockets and closures, as well as beautiful tufting, tassels and metal embellishments.

Blythe Leonard Leather Handbags

Blythe Leonard, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, opened her Thomasville, NC workshop in 2015. It is located in the very building where her great-grandfather started their family owned and operated business many years ago, Hill Hosiery Mill, Hill Spinning Mill and Celand Yarn Dyers. Her workspace has been an asset in creating jobs and developing ‘Made in USA’ products for more than seventy years. Its three small rooms are full of inspirational wall images. It is a peaceful environment perfect for creating each handmade Blythe Leonard product, one at a time, with quality craftsmanship and locally sourced materials.

Blythe Leonard LLC strives to mainly supply all hardware, bag stuffing, dyes, glues, handle cording, thread, and lining fabrics right here in North Carolina. Their water buffalo leather and all vegetable tanned leathers are tanned in the states and purchased less than 30 minutes from their place of work, as are most other leathers they use including Horween, Crazy Horse and most of their coated and corrected grain cowhide leathers. Blythe believes it is important to support their friends and neighbors in the United States and purchase close to home.

Most handbag manufacturers use a lot of bag stiffeners such as plastic, cardboard, foam, Styrofoam and paper. These products can break down inside of your bag overtime and wear out the bag faster. All of Blythe Leonard handbags are designed to be stiffener-free, which means that if there is a need for a stronger presser point on a bag, they use leather to reinforce instead of a stiffener. With this design, their bags are so lightweight and last a whole lot longer. They also use water-based glue instead of toluene based glue, which is in most manufactured handbags. (Toluene is proven to cause cancer, birth defects, and other harmful effects.)



Sonia Kanner created the company hipS-sister based upon the concept of the dreaded fanny pack. Sonia strived to create an alternative option that is fashionable, functional, and flattering.

“While on a hike with my friends, frustrated because we were all holding our precious iPhones and car keys, I said outloud, ” there has to be something out there to hold all this stuff, that is cute and flattering. ” I spent hours on the computer and I found nothing that I would buy. A simple piece of fabric with pockets! A-ha, I knew I was on to something. What started as one basic “left coast” design has now turned into a fashion frenzy. hipS-sister now comes in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors to accompany you wherever you go, and if you are anything like me, you are ALWAYS on the go. Now you’ve got that perfect accessory to hold your small personal items and I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do”


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