I’m at the “Alfred Dunner” stage of my life.

I’ve often wondered how one transitions from cute jeans and pretty tops to the Alfred Dunner look. For those who don’t know what Alfred Dunner clothes are, the pants have an elastic waist and the shirts are banded at the bottom. It seems older women just appear in them one day. I want to be a “Johnny on the spot reporter” and position myself outside a department store. Excuse me ma’am but ”HangUps News” wants to know when the Alfred Dunner event happened for you. Was it gradual or sudden?” Is there an appropriate age when you need to start loosening up, so to speak? I think I know the answer. I believe at a certain age you’re entitled to all the comfort you want. You’ve earned it. I’m a little jealous.

I am beginning to see how this transition takes place though. First come the comfy leggings. Since mine have a wide band at the top I consider these to be fashionable and comfy. That’s how you get lulled into the “comfy zone”.

Next are yoga pants. I can assure you I’ve never set foot in a yoga class but I am fully outfitted! The pants are super comfortable, they expand as needed and they are fashionable. Well, to a degree. I speak for myself when I say I need a large, loose top to go over them. No one wants to see my hail damage. It’s not covered on your homeowners insurance either. I checked. My insurance agent was not amused.

As far as tops are concerned, my go to question is, “Does it stretch?”. I need some good “muffin top” coverage. I could never understand why my muffin top got cold when I worked in an office. One day, a former co-worker of mine, asked if my pumpkin roll was cold. My muffin top has been referred to as a pumpkin roll ever since.

The transition to elastic waist pants and large comfy tops is slow. You get lulled in by the comfort and then… bam!…elastic waists now look enticing.

Luckily we have fashionable and comfy clothes here at Hang Ups. We carry Yala brand clothing. It’s 100% bamboo and incredibly soft and comfortable. The pants have a large elastic waistband for maximum comfort. The tops/tunics look awesome with leggings. The dresses are very popular due to the comfort and the style.

Have you tried our Pico tops? I was convinced by one of our customers to try them. She told me she loved them for the comfort and style. I purchased one and love it. Not only is the material soft but the way the tops hangs and flows is very flattering. I wear a cami under it which helps keep my “pumpkin roll” in check. When I wear my Pico tops with leggings I feel like I’m at work in my pajamas. Bunny slippers are optional. (Yes, we have those, too!)

I love the Elietian leggings at HangUps. They are super soft and a nice quality leggings. They come with the wide band I love, as well as the traditional top. We also stock the Elietian camis. They are a little longer in length so they stay in place.


Now for the crème de la crème in comfort. Wait until you try something from HangUps’ Boody line. The Boody camis, underwear, crop bras and leggings are made of 100% bamboo. With Boody, you can be comfy from the inside out! We also carry men’s t-shirts and underwear. Why not treat your man to the ultimate in softness and comfort? He’ll thank you for it.

Mention my blog about being FASHIONABLE AND COMFY when you visit HangUps to receive 20% off a ONE BOODY ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE*. And I hope you will continue to read my blogs for other special offers.

Keepin’ it comfy!


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