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Rainbow Sandals
The Most Comfortable Sandals Ever!

Back in 1974, the goal at Rainbow was to make a better sandal, one that would last a long time and be comfortable. The result was Rainbow Sandals, quality sandals that are truly second to none. Rainbow Sandals are created by hand using specifically formulated glue to keep the layers together and the straps in place. The President and Founder of Rainbow, Mr. Jay Longley, Jr., personally formulated the various densities of sponge rubber with memory to mold to each individual’s feet, making then extremely comfortable. It is the great look of Rainbow Sandals along with the reputation for comfort and durability that has passed on from customer to customer. Word of mouth and proof of product is how the company has grown. These sandals are a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Try one pair and you will enjoy a little more flip in your flop…the best flip flop experience ever!

 Sandals – Boots – Booties – Wedges – Flats

Treat your feet to a variety of casual and comfortable, yet incredibly stylish women’s shoes! Shop HangUps for fashion footwear in a variety of colors and styles with decorative accents. Available in sizes 6 through 10, choose sandals, boots, booties, wedges and flats in leather, faux leather and manmade materials. Slip into our fun footwear, the perfect fit for your favorite outfits and active lifestyle!

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