I’m a stylish, outgoing single mom (to a wonderful son, Jason) and grandma (to Jason’s two daughters Jamey and Abi, and a host of nine other little cuties I adore and consider my adopted grandchildren) who loves to cook, decorate and shop (especially for antiques and at yard sales). Holidays are my favorite time of year. My work history is a varied one, including 16 years in the steel industry and (most dear to my heart) working with emotionally disturbed and abused children. I have been a sales associate at HangUps in High Point, NC for 12 years and have come to love the owners, management, staff and customers as family. It’s a fun, sometimes crazy and always amazing place to work.

Why do this blog? Because more than a decade at HangUps has introduced me to so many product lines, styles, trends, price points, and special customers. It has provided me with a wealth of insight and knowledge, as well as many touching (and humorous) stories. There’s so much about gift-giving and receiving, jewelry, fashion, accessories, home decor, and more that I am just bursting to share with you!

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Do You Have This In An Extra Small?

What in the world is an extra small? An extra small? Are you kidding me? If you sewed two legs and arms together I wouldn’t be able to wear an extra small! I’m not sure when I became an extra-large. I am sure it was gradual or I would have noticed. I wish I was…

Fashionable AND Comfy

I’m at the “Alfred Dunner” stage of my life. I’ve often wondered how one transitions from cute jeans and pretty tops to the Alfred Dunner look. For those who don’t know what Alfred Dunner clothes are, the pants have an elastic waist and the shirts are banded at the bottom. It seems older women just…

Riding Off Into The Sunset

And he rode off into the sunset….. That conjures up a lot of pictures in your mind, doesn’t it? I envision a man riding a horse bareback on a beach headed off into blazing horizon. How about a man on a Harley rumbling down the road with the sun setting at his back? The reality…