And he rode off into the sunset…..

That conjures up a lot of pictures in your mind, doesn’t it? I envision a man riding a horse bareback on a beach headed off into blazing horizon. How about a man on a Harley rumbling down the road with the sun setting at his back?

The reality was a man riding off on HangUps’ vintage bicycle, up the exit ramp past Ham’s Restaurant. Yes, I’m talking about the very same bicycle that is parked outside the shop every day! A customer came inside to inform us someone had just taken our beloved bicycle. My first question was, “Did he put it in a vehicle”? (Right after asking if the gentleman was kidding me!) The bike has two flat tires and it’s all I can do to wheel it inside at the end of the day! I grabbed my keys and headed out in hot pursuit. What was I going to do if I caught up with him, you ask? I have no idea. I pride myself on being a good detective. But I failed miserably at finding the bike. Luckily the police are better at solving crimes than I am. They located the bike at the gas station nearby. Flat tires need air. Note taken.

Are you ready for your next bike, car or canoe trip? No matter your mode of transportation, HangUps can supply you with everything Yeti to guarantee the success and enjoyment of your next adventure, sunset or no sunset!

For day trippers, I recommend the perfectly-sized Yeti Roadie 20. Need to super-size your hot or cold beverage? Then Grab a Yeti Rambler 20 oz. or 30 oz. to keep from getting parched.

If you’re planning a longer excursion or a camping trip and need a large cooler, the Yeti 45 or 65 will more than meet your needs. Yeti coolers keep your food colder for longer periods of time so there’s no need to add  ice daily and struggle to keep the food dry. For the ultimate chill, try Yeti Ice Packs. They stay colder longer than ice and other freezer packs.

Oh, and did someone say “wine”? HangUps has that covered, as well.

(Of course, please remember that these wine glasses are strictly for use at your final destination, not while you are navigating your way there.)

If you’d like to pretty up your beverages a bit, HangUps now carries Swig Tumblers in 20 oz. size and the cutest wine glasses ever that hold 9 ounces. They are colorful and great for monogramming. I love to use the 9 oz. Swig for my coffee, too.

With HangUps’ assortment of coolers and beverage ware, the food in your cooler will stay frosty, the wine in your glass will stay perfectly chilled and the coffee in your cup will stay piping hot. What more could you ask for? Someone to serve the food and beverages, you say? Well, as far as I know, HangUps does not sell wait staff, cabana boys or baristas quite yet, but we sure can equip you will all the travel accessories you need!

Mention my blog about RIDING OFF INTO THE SUNSET when you visit HangUps to receive 20% off a STAINLESS STEEL WINE GLASS of your choice*. And I hope you will continue to read my blogs for other special offers.

Happy trails (and sunsets) to you!


*One time offer per person; cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes Yeti.

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