Jewelry From Brazil Designed To Make You Glow

Everybody’s Favorite Hoop Earrings – Chokers – Bangles

Sheila Fajl Designs is a California based company incorporating extensive design and management experience into the pursuit of one goal: to realize Sheila’s vision of an alluring, fun, and contemporary line of high-fashion jewelry. They are committed to always being ahead of the latest trends and following the strictest manufacturing guidelines that comply with the highest quality standards.

Sheila Fajl jewelry is carefully designed with one thing in mind – to make you feel beautiful and to make you glow. Products are fully handmade by artisans in Brazil using natural semi-precious stones that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Their metals are 18K gold plated over 100% nickel free brass, and silver plated over 100% nickel free brass. The manufacturing process is designed to use materials in a very responsible manner, making Sheila Fajl products some of the most “eco-friendly” jewelry on the market today.

EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE HOOP EARRINGS are large, lightweight hoops, available in several finishes and styles.

Product photographs included in this web site are representative of various lines and items offered by this manufacturer. Specific pieces are not necessarily available in store at this time.