Fill Your Home With Fragrance

Candles – Diffusers – Plug-ins – Warmers

Beautifully fragrance your home or give the perfect gift with long-lasting candles, decorative plug-in wall fragrance units and reed diffusers from HangUps. Countertop candle warmers, flameless alternatives to candles that use super-scented wax melts, are also available.

 Candle-Aire® Warmers & Tins

Enjoy the aroma of a burning candle without the use of an open flame! CandleAire® all natural premium candle tins are easy to use and will fill your home with amazing fragrance. Candle Aire® tins are USDA certified organic, kosher and vegan, and are available in a variety of seasonal and every day scents.

Simply insert a tin into a Candle Aire® warmer which is designed to circulate the rich fragrance throughout your home. Changing to any other of your favorite scents is as easy as dropping in a new tin! Candle Aire® tins last much longer than traditional warmers and include a flickering amber light to simulate the relaxing feel of a traditional burning candle, without the safety hazard of an open flame…perfect for families with young children or pets.

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