For More Than Just Swaddling

SwaddleDesigns is a trusted brand that new and experienced parents love for the quality, style, affordability, longevity and educational value. Customers appreciate that their multi-use blanket is for more than just swaddling. SwaddleDesigns also offers sleep sacks, burp cloths and more, is recommended by doctors, nurses, doulas and parent educators, and has a loyal, enthusiastic following of moms and celebrities. Moms enjoy the SwaddleDesigns line because if offers a wonderful assortment of mixing and matching collections and products that are durable and coordinate with any nursery or parent‛s personal style.

Everything is designed with the baby’s best interest in mind and to provide assistance to new parents.

Product photographs included in this web site are representative of various lines and items offered by this manufacturer. Specific pieces are not necessarily available in store at this time.