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Gold-Dealer-SymbolFirst love, first kiss, first dance, first secret, first shared wish, first new plan, first everything else. Make a memory, keep a record, give a market. Start now. Waxing Poetic creates a variety of jewelry pieces…each a beautiful new addition to your personal allure. Start a new tradition with Waxing Poetic charms, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, insignias and rings…to gift, to keep, to treasure, to delight.

Waxing Poetic jewelry comes to you from Los Olivos, California, by way of designer Patti Pagliei Simpson, her intimate coterie of friends and family, sisters in particular. They are like-minded artists, dreamers, adventurers, and raconteurs, crafting jewelry that they truly love. Each piece is fabricated by an incredible group of Balinese craftspersons, truly part of the Waxing Poetic extended family. These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent which is reflected in their breathtaking artistic creations.

Product photographs included in this web site are representative of various lines and items offered by this manufacturer. Specific pieces are not necessarily available in store at this time.